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Whether you're involved in Blu-ray authoring, standard definition video, consumer electronics, data archiving, online distribution, or retail fulfillment, Sonic offers full-featured solutions for your digital media needs. Our powerful, scalable SDKs get your applications up and running quickly and reliably, maximizing performance while minimizing in-house requirements. That's why our authoring, recording, storage, and playback technology is licensed by industry leaders like Microsoft, Sony, Adobe, Samsung, RealNetworks, and ST Micro. For media SDKs, Sonic ATG has your solution.

Video Authoring SDKs

AuthorScript® Video for full-featured Blu-ray and DVD creation:

Billions of Hollywood DVDs authored with same engine
Authoring and burning for Blu-ray Disc and DVD-Video
Real-time recording for BDAV, DVD+VR, and DVD-VR
Field-proven spec compliance and player compatibility

Desktop and set-top solutions

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Burn/Archive SDKs

AuthorScript Storage and AuthorScript Audio for data and music:

Data archive and copy to/from Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and CD
Burning for both ripped and downloaded music
Video slideshows from photos
Real-time data streaming to BD, DVD, and CD
Archive and retrieval for data-intensive applications such as medical imaging

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Media Playback SDKs

CinePlayer® for top-quality playback of discs and files:

Play Blu-ray, DVD, and CD, plus music and photo files
Advanced navigation features
Broad OS and embedded support
Hollywood-proven playback compatibility
Robust software-based engines
Easy integration

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