AuthorScript® Storage SDK

Available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, the AuthorScript Storage SDKs allow application developers and service providers to quickly integrate powerful capabilities for recording, copying, and archiving to recordable/rewritable BD, DVD, and CD media. Covering file structure creation and management, file reading and writing, device control, and output to either optical media or disc image, AuthorScript Storage is a full-featured solution ideal for both one-off and industrial-scale applications.

AuthorScript Storage is provided as a set of C++ libraries that enable the functionality needed at each level for effective volume/file creation, management, and output:

open existing on-disc volumes
create new volumes
read file structure information (mount volume)
set volume format (ISO, UDF 1.02, UDF 2.0, etc.)
flush updated volume file structures to disc
Entries and files:
create file structure entries (directories and files), including references to files from streams or stored on hard drive
read from and write to files
get entry information and get/set entry properties
delete entries
manage devices, including counting, selection, and settings
get device state and get/set properties of devices and media
copy from one drive to one or more others
copy from drives to disc images, and vice versa
burn volumes to devices containing recordable/rewritable BD, DVD, or CD media
execute commands such as media erasure and tray control
Advanced features:
prepare output of higher-level logical formats (e.g. BDAV, BDMV, DVD-Video, CD-Audio) to hard drive as image formats, including DDP, CMF, ISO, and GI
create specification-compliant disc layouts with each element in its correct logical sector
utilize three available volume access modes, each tailored to different use scenarios: ReadOnly, Mastering, or RTTD
utilize all major write modes, including Session-at-Once (SAO or DAO), Track-at-Once (TAO), and Test Mode