AuthorScript® Audio SDK

AuthorScript Audio is a full-featured, scalable "rip and burn" SDK for audio that also integrates comprehensive management and archiving of generic data. With support for advanced features including CD Text, ISRC, and Windows Media DRM, AuthorScript Audio is optimized for creation of compliant, compatible Audio CDs and is ideal for applications and services such as online music retailing and point-of-purchase audio kiosks. Available for Windows, Linux (CE), and Macintosh, AuthorScript Audio offers developers a fast, versatile solution for audio and data recording, copying, and archiving.

AuthorScript Audio SDKs offer the following key advantages over competing disc-burning solutions:

24/7 uptime assurance (no machine lock ups)
device access protection shields operations in progress from outside interference
multiple threads on a single process allow concurrent burns to different devices
file system is cached, then flushed in one sequential write, avoiding incremental updates
native 32-bit and 64-bit binaries
Real-Time To Disc (RTTD):
record direct to disc in real time (streaming)
write to a file without knowing total data size in advance
Entry-based mastering:
write either complete directories or individual files
use callbacks to control timing and flow of data transfer
File system control:
create and manipulate file system objects
easily migrate products based on standard file system calls
Device support:
SilentSelect™ automatically supports new optical devices without ongoing application maintenance
Multiple language support:
native C++ interface
managed .NET interface for C#, J#, and Visual Basic
Java interface
Built-in diagnostics:
bus tracing and logging
API tracing and logging