Sonic ATG SDK Markets

Sonic's AuthorScript®, CinePlayer®, and PX™ SDK lines provide powerful and reliable media creation, burning, archiving, and playback solutions for a wide variety of business and entertainment needs. Whether you are an applications developer or a services provider, Sonic ATG SDKs can help you maximize the potential business benefits of digital media, supporting and extending your business with field-proven technology that is designed for rapid, trouble-free integration.

The following table illustrates the breadth of the markets we serve as well as specific products that apply to those markets.


SDK Solution

High Definition Interactive Presentations (Blu-ray Disc) AuthorScript Video, CinePlayer
Automotive CinePlayer
CE Set-tops CinePlayer
CE Mobile CinePlayer
Medical Imaging AuthorScript Video, AuthorScript Storage
Medical Records AuthorScript Storage
Banking, Insurance, BusinessAuthorScript Storage
Government/Institutional DataAuthorScript Storage
Government/Corporate Communications AuthorScript Video, AuthorScript Storage, CinePlayer
Military/Law Enforcement AuthorScript Video, AuthorScript Storage, CinePlayer
Disc Authoring and Replication AuthorScript Video
Videography and Multimedia AuthorScript Video
Video Editing and Post AuthorScript Video
Point-of-purchase Kiosks AuthorScript Audio, AuthorScript Video
Online Media AuthorScript Audio, AuthorScript Video