Roxio Licensing

Designed specifically to meet the needs of business, government organizations, educational and charitable organizations, Roxio's Volume Licensing Program offers the cost-effective way to purchase and standardize on Roxio software products with convenient and legal installation on multiple computers.

Roxio products provide powerful tools to make the most of digital media. Roxio's brands include Roxio Creator™, Toast® and Roxio® Secure Burn™ Enterprise.

Why volume licensing?

Roxio's Volume Licensing program is the easiest, most flexible way to license Roxio software on multiple computers. With a low entry-level purchase–only one license plus the purchase of a single companion media pack–anyone can be up and running quickly and legally. The more you buy with your initial purchase, the greater your savings. Better yet, if you include Maintenance with your initial purchase, you can add to your license count at a later time for the same low per-seat rate, even if it's a lower quantity than your initial purchase.

Simplify license management

Roxio's Licensing program is the ideal solution for today's business, education and government needs. It allows organizations like yours to deploy Roxio products over a network and incorporate them into a standard corporate image (something prohibited by Roxio's OEM license agreements). The program simplifies license management as there is only one license and one CD key to administer.

How Roxio Licensing works

You will receive an emailed PDF license and a multiple-user key to install your software on computers throughout your enterprise.

If you need to purchase a few additional seats down the road, you pay the same low per-seat rate as your original purchase. For example, if your original purchase was for a 1,200-user license with Maintenance and now you need to increase that by an additional 50 seats, you would purchase the 50 seats at the 1,200-user pricing tier.

Benefits of converting your OEM license to a Roxio volume license agreement

Increased license flexibility

Due to licensing restrictions, Roxio's OEM licenses do not allow organizations to distribute OEM software over the network or incorporate it into an image. Upgrading from the OEM license to a volume license removes these restrictions and provides flexibility in how you can distribute and manage Roxio software.

Simplified software management and support

With OEM software that comes bundled with the hardware you purchase, you get whatever version the OEM was shipping at that time and on that hardware model. This can lead to having dozens of different versions throughout your organization. Converting these different versions to one volume license allows for better software support and simplified software management.

Free software updates and upgrades

Once you have converted your individual OEM licenses over to a single volume license agreement, you will be eligible to purchase Maintenance or software assurance that provides you with free updates and upgrades so your software is always up to date.

Unlock your Roxio OEM licenses

Roxio currently ships as pre-installed OEM licenses on PCs from HP, Lenovo, Sony, Fujitsu, Asus and Toshiba, to name a few. Unlike Roxio volume licensing, these OEM licenses have certain restrictions that limit rights in regards to license deployment and management.

For more information on OEM restrictions and how to stay compliant, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

If you would like to speak with a Roxio representative about converting your OEM licenses, please call 1-877-682-6735 or email

Are you worried about compliancy?

If you would like to speak with a Roxio representative about converting your OEM licenses, please call 1-877-682-6735 or email